Bespoke, Hand-Crafted Lighting with SOUL

Unique Works of Art That Tell a Story

The Highly Tailored Looma Concept

Your clients demand the highest quality of design and product. Regardless of your colour-scheme, we will help you create a unique and highly-tailored piece of lighting artwork for your interior design project.

We will work to a very specific colour palette and develop natural colours accordingly. Once you have discussed the project with us, we embark on the process of developing the exact colour scheme you require.

We then select the wool and finally we weave the lamps. Each lamp is unique and we will never create the same design twice.

Nature & Art in Lamps

Each Looma lamp is an exquisite work of art, hand-crafted to be a stunning centrepiece. We take enormous pride in every piece we make, and we are very proud of our beautiful collection, which includes large pendant lampshades, table lamps, wall lights and kitchen island pendant lights.

Bespoke Looma lamps have a deep connection with Portugal. Every element within the lamp is Portuguese: the frames are hand-crafted for us in Lisbon, the vibrant colours are developed by us from plants growing in and around the Silves countryside, right outside the Looma workshop. And the centrepiece of each lamp… the exquisite wool. Each one of our lamps honours the centuries-old tradition of sheep-rearing and wool-production in Portugal.

It is the most beautiful material to work with – naturally flame-retardant and ideal for the natural dye process. Also, the cellular structures within the wool work to repel dust and static… which is of course ideal for lamp-making.

The Faces Behind Looma

Looma was founded by Sol Muniain and Amori Borman, two creatives who are both passionate about Portugal, and about working with natural materials to create something truly special.

Sol is an artist who specialises in abstract landscapes, and Amori comes from a Fine Art background.

All our bespoke lamps are hand-crafted in Silves using frames made in Lisbon - we use Portuguese wool which we dye ourselves using natural dyes. We have a deep affinity with nature, and we wish to minimize our impact on the environment.

Many of the dyes we use can be found growing in the land around us: carob beans, chamomile, walnut, mango, hibiscus and bay leaves - this creates a wonderful dynamic and helps us to feel a deep connection with the beautiful landscapes around us. We also use indigo, madder root and turmeric among many other plants and roots.

The natural colours are incredibly vibrant, and when the lamps are illuminated, the effect is magical.

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